How to Fit More Sightseeing into a Short Family Trip

As much as you wish you could spend all the time in the world traveling to new places, sometimes work and school schedules make that impossible. If you don't have long to spend on your family trip, here are three ways you can fit more sightseeing into the short time you do have.

Don't Waste Time on Flights

Every minute you spend getting to your destination is another minute taken away from your sightseeing plans. There's nothing you can do to reduce the length of a flight itself, but there are many things you can do to save time on the overall journey. For one, try to choose a flight with no connections. Flights with multiple stops may be cheaper, but they take a lot longer. Each new connection also presents a new opportunity for delays. On top of choosing the right flight, try to travel light with hand luggage only. These days, many airlines let you bring two or even three bags into the cabin with you. If you don't check any luggage, you'll be able to get through airport security speedily without spending time waiting for baggage claim.

Schedule Around a Route

If you want to make the most of your short trip abroad, you'll need to arm yourself with a well-planned daily schedule. When you create that schedule, make sure you plan it around a smart route between destinations. Don't arbitrarily assign locations to days. Instead, try to group your sights by their larger area, and assign each area to a day. This ensures you won't waste time travelling back and forth across cities and towns, which maximises how much time you can spend sightseeing.

Hire a Tourist Bus

Sometimes, it can be fun to take public transport in a new country. However, when you don't have much time to spend sightseeing, navigating unfamiliar transportation systems can be a huge time drain. Renting a car is one option, but if you have a big family, a tourist bus hire could be a better choice. You'll have plenty of space to accommodate your family and their belongings, and you'll spend less than you would by hiring multiple cars to fit everyone in. One vehicle also means you only need one driver, leaving the rest of the family free to enjoy the vacation. 

To learn more, contact a tourist bus hire company in the area you want to travel.

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