Heavy Haulage 101: How To Move Homes And Modular Structures

Do you intend to relocate a heavy structure? For instance, you would want to move your house to a new plot or move a modular office to a new location. Adequate preparation ensures a seamless move from the pick-up point to the destination. Needless to say, you will need the services of a heavy haulage company. These companies invest in equipment and the technical know-how required to move unusual and oversized loads across the road network. Read this extract to learn how you can prepare to move your house or modular structure.

The company starts the preparation process by examining the structure's dimensions to determine what type of trailer it will use to move the load. If the structure is too large, the company will propose cutting it into two or three and assembling it at the new location. Although you might be sceptical about this method, it could be the only way to prevent structural damage during the move. Ideally, the company deploys a team of experienced builders and engineers to cut the structure into several sections. The team uses internal bracing to maintain structural integrity during loading, offloading, and transit.

The company then decides on a suitable way to load and offload the cargo. Sometimes the structure might not be in an area accessible to the heavy haulage trailer. In this case, the company could use plant equipment such as cranes and forklifts to move the structure to the trailer bed. Alternatively, the crew could conduct light earthmoving work to ensure access to the trailer. 

Once the team is sure that they can safely load the structure on the trailer, their next task is to establish how to move the load to its destination. Typically, the company starts by choosing a route that allows haulage trucks. Then, it deploys a team to inspect the road for challenges such as damaged roads and low bridges that could complicate haulage. If the road meets the minimum requirements, the company checks the offloading site to determine whether it is safe and ready. The primary goal of the haulage company is to ensure customers have a stress-free experience when moving their loads. Therefore, the company could ask you to prepare a level ground to place the structure. Besides, you could install amenities to ensure the structure is ready to use as soon as it is installed. 

Finally, the company applies for the required permits and prepares the haulage convoy. Ideally, the convoy consists of haulage trucks, pilot vehicles, and an emergency crew. The convoy could also work with local police departments and towing companies along the way.

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