Top Strategies to Address Skills Shortage in Heavy Haulage Transport

Demand for heavy haulage transport has been growing steadily, and it can be attributed to the growth in the construction sector. However, trucking companies in Australia have been struggling with a skills shortage in the industry resulting from an aging workforce and preconceptions by the public about the heavy haulage industry. That said, heavy haulage transport companies have no option but to employ strategies to help deal with the skills shortage. This article highlights vital strategies logistics your company can use to help deal with the skills deficit. 

Adding Hand-Controlled Trucks -- People with mobility problems are considered a protected group; however, operating heavy haulage trucks is still not something you would expect them to do. Unfortunately, this is a population whose capabilities have not been taken seriously, especially if you consider that people with mobility issues can comfortably drive modified vehicles. Therefore, why not incorporate trucks with hand-controls in your fleet? This is a great way to get people with mobility issues in the industry. Not only does it send a message to your clients that your business is open to all people regardless of their status, but it also closes the skills gap. Both scenarios work to your advantage. 

Collaborating with Prisons -- Prisons are considered correctional facilities, which is why some heavy haulage companies are partner with prisons and heavy vehicle training schools to bridge the skills gap. This will see prisoners train in heavy haulage driving, and once they have paid for their crimes, the training school will give the companies a few recommendations. The strategy not only produces a steady flow of qualified heavy haulage drivers, but it also allows prisoners to forge careers once they have completed their sentences. 

Attract Female Talent -- Traditionally, the heavy haulage industry was synonymous with a lot of heavy lifting. This might explain why the industry is male-dominated, with women making up only 14% of full-time truck drivers. However, with technological advances in the trucking industry and the development of state-of-the-art trucks, the stereotypical strongman is no longer a requirement. This means that women are as capable of handling heavy haulage trucks as well as men can, and this can go a long way in bridging the gender gap. Apart from improved technology, there is a lot that heavy haulage companies can do to make trucking attractive to women.

To learn more about how your company can make heavy haulage services more attractive, contact industry leaders near you. 

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