Top Tips When Chartering A Bus

Are you planning a road trip with friends or family? Well, you should consider chartering a bus. Charter buses have reclining seats, LED screens and adequate luggage space to ensure comfort as you travel.

Below are some vital considerations you should make when chartering a bus. 

Condition of The Bus

The charter bus must be safe. Lookout for seat belts, emergency exits, a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. The coach should be in excellent condition. Inspect the tires, the engine and the level of coolant, brake and transmission fluids. Alternatively, you could ask the company to provide inspection and service records. A poorly kept bus might break down as you travel. The coach should be factory-spec. Modified buses have a low safety rating. 

Activities On The Bus

Below are some rules you should observe on the charter bus: 

  • Passengers should not bring weapons such as guns and knives on the bus.
  • Alcoholic drinks may be consumed. However, do not take cocaine, heroin or other illegal drugs on the bus.
  • Passengers should avoid dangerous activities such as bus surfing. Sexual activities and nudity on the bus could distract the driver and other road users.
  • Some of your friends may be late to board the bus at the various pit stops. As such, always do a headcount before resuming the trip. 

Driver and Route Planning

For long-distance travel, the bus should have two drivers. Mind the welfare of your drivers. You should ensure that they have adequate water and food throughout the trip. Besides, the drivers should take regular breaks to avoid fatigue. 

A few days before the trip, meet with the driver and management of the bus charter company to plan the trip. Avoid routes that may have harsh weather such as rains and storms. Stopovers should be made in towns that have adequate security. It is especially so when travelling at night. 

Fun on The Bus

Most bus charters have modern sound equipment. As such, you should create a playlist of songs your friends love. Alternatively, you could ask them to bring personal devices such as their laptops and tablets. The buses have charging ports and Wi-Fi to keep you connected as you travel. You could also play some travel games or board games on the bus. 

The above tips will ensure a safe and fun-filled journey. Check the condition of the bus, avoid dangerous activities when travelling, find a suitable route and have fun on the bus.

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