Wedding Bus Hire Tips

Bus transport is one of the most convenient ways to ferry guests on your wedding day. It eases logistics since guests arrive on time and you do not need a large parking space. So, how do you hire a wedding bus? Below are some useful tips. 

Choosing A Bus

One of your concerns when hiring a wedding bus is its seating capacity and where you will pick up your guests. If guests will come from different places, you could opt to hire several small capacity buses. It ensures guests arrive and depart on time. You should also consider the bus features. For instance, if your guests will travel for a few hours, you should choose a coach with LCD screens, charging ports, and reclining seats. Party buses come with onboard bars, a dancing floor, club lighting, and high-quality music systems. They are suitable for the wedding party. 

Working With A Reputable Wedding Bus Hire Company

Look up companies that offer wedding bus hire services. Narrow down your options by checking the availability of the wedding bus and evaluating the company's reputation. As a rule, the wedding bus hire company should have a licence to operate in your state. 

Most people will be concerned about the company's pricing. However, they forget to check the terms of hire. Unknown to them, disregarding the company's terms could lead to fines or prosecution. Consider the following when assessing the terms of the hiring company. 

  • Does the bus come with a driver? If it does, who pays him or her?
  • Check the company's return policy? Reputable companies will give you a few hours window after the agreed return time. You will incur penalties if you exceed this time limit.
  • Inquire about the bus rules. More often than not, the company will prohibit you from littering on the bus, engaging in sexual activities, bus surfing, and consuming banned substances.
  • For wedding bus hire, you should consider companies that allow you to decorate the bus at no extra charge. 

Creating A Transport Plan

A few days before your wedding, contact the wedding bus hire company and develop a transport plan for your D-day. The document details the contact person for the day, the route to be used, and the stops that the bus will make. Besides, you should include the wedding program to ensure the bus driver knows when they should arrive at different venues. 

When hiring a wedding bus, choose an appropriate bus, consider reputable hiring companies, check the terms of hire and create a transport plan. 

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